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About Us

About The ROAD TO WELVIL Podcast

About Michelle


Curiosity is my driving force. I have always loved to learn about anything and everything. I approach life through the eyes of a mother, sister, student, artist, teacher, lover, writer, friend. Since my teenage years, wellness has been my passion. Over the past decades, I have managed everything from skin issues to joint paint to anxiety with a mixture of diet, yoga, meditation, energy work, and more. I began by voraciously reading and collecting every book I could get my hands on as a child. As my journey continued, teachers and guides began to present themselves in perfect divine timing, and lucky for me they continue to pop up in my life. I love nothing more than to share these amazing guides, friends, and experiences. From this love, Road to Welvil was born.

Our Mission


Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is both very personal and a team effort. While we each have our own unique needs and challenges, passions and strengths, there is always so much to be shared and learned among each other. Road to Welvil serves to connect people around the world in the pursuit of well-rounded wellbeing. We are building a global wellness village to lift each other up and bring a little bit more joy and healing to the world.

The Global Wellness Village


Welvil’s global village is made up of independent wellness professionals from all over the world, with a wide range of specialties and backgrounds. The village includes health coaches, nutritionists, yoga teachers, meditation teachers, Ayurvedic practitioners, intuitives, doulas, energy workers, lactation consultants, and more. And the list of specialties keeps growing all the time. To check out the village for yourself or offer your unique gifts, please visit

Meet The Host

Michelle Terrill

Michelle Terrill


Michelle Terrill is an integrative health coach, yoga teacher, and founder of Welvil. She is inspired by those who are bringing their unique light and healing to the world every day, and especially by her two children.


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Join Michelle Terrill as we explore different paths toward wellness, enjoying conversations with wellness professionals from all over the world with a wide range of specialities and modalities.