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12. Jennifer Griffith

12. Jennifer Griffith

12. Jennifer Griffith

Finance Coach and founder of In the Life of Zen, Jennifer Griffith, shares her tips on how to go from debt to abundance, using strategies and tools she learned through her own experiences.  Jennifer tells her inspiring and authentic story and explains how she helps others on their own journey to financial health and well-being.


Jennifer’s story 4:36

Starting to revers debt and lack mentality 7:50

Working as a team with your spouse, friends, and/or other outside resources 10:20

What do you wish you knew at the beginning of your financial journey? 15:00

Tips for saving money (even on a limited budget!) 23:13

Scarcity vs Prosperity mindset 29:14

First steps to paying off debt 34:27

Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball method 37:30

Money is energy and attracting abundance 39:30


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