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8. Porscia Eve

8. Porscia Eve

8. Porscia Eve

Dancing through life’s ups and downs with Porscia Eve.

We discuss energy, postpartum, music, dance, yoga, social media and more.

Postpartum 13:00

Healing with Grace 19:00

Generational Trauma/Addiction 20:00

Yoga 26:00

Porscia’s Offerings 31:00

Creating a Healing Community 33:00

Mindful Social Media 35:40 T

ips for Balancing Work and Life 41:50

Music and Kirtan 47:07

Himalayan Kundalini 53:52

Taking Lessons from the Past into the Future 56:50

Resources: Porscia Eve IG & TikTok @foreverelectric

Mentioned in this episode: @gabbybernstein @alpineangel @ajeetmusic @jaijagdeesh @krishnadasmusic @mcyogi

All original music composed and performed by Benjamin Plumpton