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14. Freedom Ciavarello

14. Freedom Ciavarello

14. Freedom Ciavarello

Alchemist, Freedom Ciavarello, talks about plant alchemy, being a highly sensitive person and moving through struggles with disordered eating. She also shares her take on somatic practices and how cacao has made a hugely positive impact in her life.

Freedom’s story 2:02
Disordered eating patterns 3:15
What is energy? 11:08
Plant alchemy 14:15
Scarcity vs. abundance 19:26
Disembodiment 20:45
Somatic practices 21:44
Cacao ceremony 36:00
How to find Freedom 46:20

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The Actor by Don Miguel Ruiz
Tiffany Carole
Aviva Rohm

All original music by Benjamin Plumpton