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15. Jeff Perlman

15. Jeff Perlman

15. Jeff Perlman

Cordon Bleu chef, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Iyengar Ayurtherapist and herbalist Jeff Perlman tells the story of how he went from professional chef and restauranteur to holistic health practitioner.  He shares his deep knowledge about Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Marma, herbs, and more.


Jeff’s story 1:30

Iyengar yoga 5:06

Finding Ayurveda through Iyengar 11:28

Energetic and elemental significance of the 6 tastes 12:37

Ayurvedic constitutions and doshas 15:40

Eating with the Ayurvedic seasons 19:44

Herbalism 21:48

How Ayurveda changes your relationships 34:24

The Vedas and history of Ayurveda 37:50

Traveling to India 38:40

What is Panchakarma? 42:10

How Jeff supports clients in Panchakarma 47:49

Marma therapy in person and distance 49:22

What an initial Ayurveda evaluation looks like 54:09

How to find Jeff 1:00:43


Three Seasons Ayurveda

Facebook @jeffperlman


Original Music by Benjamin Plumpton